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Rob AmchinUniversity of LouisvillequotIndo Euquot Folk t

Rob AmchinUniversity of LouisvillequotIndo Euquot Folk t


Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—"Indo Eu" Folk dance process - YouTube

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Cherkessia Folk Dance Teaching Process

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Zemer Atik (Israeli Folk Dance) - YouTube

Our final class in Elementary Methods for 2014! As a final musical moment, we

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Chilili (Bolivia)—Folk dance teachin.

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Hula Hoop Rhythm game - YouTube

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Boanopstekker—A Dutch dance in ABC form

University of Louisville—Rob Amchin—Elementary methods—Folk Dance Zemer Atik

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Daddy Caught a Flea—Lesson

Rob Amchin-University of Louisville-Hound Dog Kind of weird!

Rob Amchin-University of Louisville- I am slowly going crazy - love this round

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Zemer Atik Israeli Folk dance (Process)

Orff Dance Rob Amchin--Carnavalito Dance performed by members of the Greater Chicago Orff Association

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Exploring rhythm through the Polish "Cross Dance"

Sasha Folk Dance (Russia) SCOV Dancers

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Banuwah (Liberian Song) - YouTube

Dandiya Raas - YouTube - a GREAT folk dance from India for your upper elementary and

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Queenie, Queenie -(Process) - excellent process

Anderson University Orff program summer Folk dancing with Martha Riley.

Rob Amchin, University of Louisville Teaches a folk dance

Put a solfege ostinato to songs for extra harmony practice.

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Shoo Fly!

University of Louisville-Rob Amchin-General Music- Bow Belinda part 2 - YouTube

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Teaching process for learning "Pljeskavac Kolo" (Serbia)

Rob Amchin—Katowice—Movement Machines (video has description of how he tied to

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Line Dance to Pata Pata - YouTube

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—"Rocky Mountain"—Teaching Process

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—"Indo Eu" Folk dance process - YouTube

A full lesson outlining a process to learn this movement game.

Family Folk Dance Night: your school community can create a lasting tradition that brings families together in a joyfully creative way.

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Intro to Orff—Boomwackers ostinati 2018 - YouTube

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Polish Welcome song Great Song for the beginning of

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Ersko Kolo folk dance lesson

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Folk Dance Carnevalito

University of Louisville—Dr. Rob Amchin—A General Music Lesson—Bells of

University of Louisville-Rob Amchin-General Music Lesson-GIlly Good morning

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—The Alligator "Alfred" Round (teaching process

Torres Island song and moves as taught to choir kids.

Pease Branle (Branle de Pois) - easy version

▷India: BALANCE ZUMBA CREW SABAC Indian Moonshine - YouTube

Let us sing together - YouTube

"O, Susanna"

A cute round for chorus: University of Louisville—Dr. Rob Amchin—"

International folklore festival (Strážnice) flaunts best of traditional music, dance, and crafts

These fourth graders learned a variation of the "Patty Cake Polka" to a holiday favorite, "Jingle Bells".

Suite Greek dance "Sirtaki" - Igor Moiseyev Ballet

Hebrew folk song Shalom Chaverim sheet music for piano

Patty Cake Polka - General Music Class

Music advocacy Music makes a difference in children's lives.

Teaching is a 24 hour, 7 days a week job because when you invest in kids, you never stop caring.

ifj. Berki Ferenc Árus legényest táncol (Méra, Kalotaszeg) - leds dance from

The Hustle >>> Hustling with a great lady.

how to dance the Virginia Reel OMG this one looks like so much fuN!

Cumbia began as a courtship dance practiced among the African slave population that was later mixed with European instruments and ...

Indo eu - YouTube

Gullah Gullah Island "Fungah alafia" - YouTube


Grade 5 performs a Russian Folk Song using percussion, recorder, and voice. Next up, adding barred instruments.

Indo Eu - YouTube

Flying High Circle Dance - YouTube

Cretan Pentozali (Summer 2005 Papagou, Athens)

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—The Little Shoemaker Folk Dance (Teaching process)

India : Dance Squart Tunak Tunak Tun - YouTube

Cercle Circassian - Medieval Market

Austrian traditional folk dance: Haidauer & Osterwitzer Schuhplattler

Recull de danses Blai Folk

circulo circasiano cercle circasian dancilla)

Música badoise dansa francesa

O Thou, in Whose Presence - YouTube

Balletto Nazionale Polacco Mazowsze


1r Samoth (Israel) - YouTube

Go here to visit Sandy Hook Elementary's school website and hear their School Song

Sixth Grade—The Siege of the Irish (2014)



Get Moving with Ella Jenkins

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—The Alligator "Alfred" Round (teaching process

Rob Amchin is the head of the division of music education/therapy at the University of Louisville. In addition to teaching music education courses, ...

A process for teaching this classic singing game "I've been to Harlem." Students are elementary education majors.

This would be a great piece to use with the solfeg scale! Fun to sing

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Chilili (Bolivia)—Folk dance teaching process

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Alabama Gal (contra dance) - YouTube

Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—Down in the Jungle—poem/recorder lesson

Fundamentals in Philippine Folk Dance + Filipino Cultural Communities | Tagalog Language | Philippines

Achtung · Chuck Palahniuk QuotesFight ...

No Navratri celebration is complete without the traditional Raas folk dance. The most popular form involves "dandiya" decorative sticks), in which dance.

German Dance

Hacettepe University Children and Youth Folk Dance Group, Turkey (III) -.



Каракачанско хоро

Kindergarten—The Little Bird Dance (2014)

40 best School:Cultural Dances images on Pinterest | Dancing, Music classroom and Music ed

Christmas decor

Experiment with Musical Water Glasses, and integrate music, math and science!

Serbian Folk Dance

Irish Folk Dance

Chano Ducho danzas del mundo de Grecia oscar romero ramos.mpg

Honduras Danza típica "Los caballitos" Cofradía Cortes - YouTube